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Transport Driver Job Openings in Canada


There are many different factors to consider when considering a career as a transport driver. In this article, we will discuss the physical demands of the job, the minimum education required, and the salary range for these positions. Once you have an idea of what the job entails, you can start your job search!

Demand for truck drivers in Canada

The demand for truck drivers in Canada is higher than many people realize. While the country has a low unemployment rate, there are still thousands of open truck driver positions. Canada has implemented new immigration programs, such as Express Entry, that will make it easier for truckers from other countries to come to Canada. These programs are meant to combat labor shortages in the trucking industry. But the government must do more than just increase funding. It must also provide assistance to trucking companies.

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The country will need 33,000 new truck drivers by 2020. The shortage is due in part to low pay and poor working conditions. In addition, Canadian truck driving is not a well-respected profession. Driving hours are also longer than those in the U.S. Truck drivers also face a lack of full-service truck stops.


Physical demands of the job

As a transport driver, you will need to be physically fit. The job entails driving heavy goods, often on local routes, and you may occasionally need to stay overnight. The physical demands of this job are not the same for every driver, however. Some drivers must lift heavy objects and perform other tasks that require a lot of strength. Some drivers also have to work under pressure and must have excellent time management skills.

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The physical demands of the job as a transport driver vary depending on the type of truck you drive. Some truck drivers sit for long periods of time, while others must climb ladders to access cargo. Some transport drivers may also be required to handle heavy tarps and load freight.

Minimum education requirement

If you’ve ever wanted to be a truck driver, there are many opportunities in Canada. There are over one million job vacancies across the country, and truck drivers are among those who are in high demand. There are several immigration programs available for people seeking to work in Canada.

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If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you’ll be well-prepared for the job market. You don’t necessarily need a college degree to apply for truck driver jobs. But the Ministry of Transportation (MTCU) does require candidates to pass a grade 10 English exam. High school education will help you avoid rejection and make your journey as a truck driver easier.

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