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With the emerging fashion trends around the globe, nail art has gotten significant attention from artists, models, fashion bloggers, and even high school girls. Nail care products have become essential to self-care and beauty kits for all women. Nail care industries are significantly in demand for nail technicians in the U.S. to meet the increasing beauty demands!



Becoming a nail technician will be fantastic if you want to pursue a career in the beauty industry. However, you must understand that using nail care products is not a piece of cake. It requires skills and expertise to become a nail technician.


In this article, you will learn how to meet the demand for nail technicians in the U.S., become an experienced nail technician, and learn what products you need to know!


What is a Nail Technician?

In salons, spas, and barbershops, nail technicians provide nail services to customers; some even run their businesses. They clean, file, trim, polish, and repair fingernails and toenails. In addition, they promote other services and goods and talk with customers about treatments like moisturizing hands and feet or applying artificial nails.


Manicures and pedicures are among the few luxuries some women and men can’t live without. No wonder there is a high demand for nail technicians in the U.S. all year round. In addition, the U.S. market for nail services saw revenues of over $8 billion in 2018, according to statistics company Statista. At nail salons, cleanliness is essential.


After every appointment, these technicians disinfect their tools and work area. Nail technicians must provide exceptional customer service and listen to clients’ requirements, including personal issues and juicy gossip. This will attract return business.


What Does a Nail Technician do?

A nail technician is an expert in decorating, styling, and grooming a person’s hand and toenails. They also hold expertise in manicures, pedicures, nail art, nail shaping, and treatments. Being a nail technician is a fun job and requires artistic skills. From acrylic to fiberglass nails, a nail technician has the best experience and training to make your nails look amazing.


How Do I Become a Nail Technician in the U.S.?

Nail technicians must complete a cosmetology or nail technician program approved by the state. Most places provide trade classes in personal care or have a nearby cosmetology school. Courses on diagnosing skin and nail diseases, providing manicures and pedicures, and cleanliness and disinfection methods are all included in training programs.


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After finishing the program, nail technicians must pass written and practical examinations to obtain a license from their state board. License applicants must meet age requirements and have a high school diploma or equivalent.


Nail Technician Salary in the U.S.

Salary.com says the average nail technician salary in the United States is $22,510, but the range typically falls between $19,490 and $26,055. Pay ranges can differ significantly based on several aspects, such as years of experience, education, certifications, and extra talents.


Nail Technician’s Working Environment

Nail technicians can work from home, in a salon, or on the go at the residence of a client. If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment and meet new people daily, working in nearby resorts or spas could help you reach a broader clientele in the tourism sector. If you want more freedom and flexibility, rent a chair in an established business or operate a mobile nail salon.


The world is your oyster as you embark on your thrilling new profession, no matter what you decide! You must take various courses to work as an expert full-time nail technician.


The Primary Skills of a Nail Technician 

Management: To be a successful nail technician, you must manage your clients well. Your management skills help you keep track of all your bookings, primarily if you work independently. Plus, if you work in a salon, keep your nail stations clean and organized.


Safety Measurements: Make sure to apply all the health and safety measures at the salon. You should have detailed information about all the products and their side effects (if any). Before any nail treatment, ask your client if they have any allergies.


Multi-tasking: Nail treatments require excellent timing and attention. You must perform all the functions with great precision and concentration. Plus, nail treatments usually take an hour or more. The treatment is relaxing yet dull. So, talk to your clients to keep them fresh and engaged.


Benefits of Being a Nail Technician in Canada 

  • Working as a nail technician might bring in attractive pay.
  • There, you will build the skills necessary for professional mobility.
  • You’ll have adaptable work schedules.
  • In Canada, a nail technician can find employment at various foreign nail salons.
  • You can make good money working as an influencer.
  • You’ll obtain a P.R. in Canada fast after working as a nail technician there.

Beginner Kits for a Nail Technician

Multiple nail files

Nail files are crucial and used so often that they should be packed in an easy-to-reach spot in your kit or readily accessible in your salon. To offer a truly bespoke, professional service, you’ll need several different styles and types of files used at various stages throughout the application process and for the others.  

You’ll need:

  • Natural nail files – for smoothing out any edges before application
  • Acrylic files – for precise edge-to-finished applications
  • (Optional) Electric file—a multipurpose tool that can adapt to the task required, using different strengths and textures and making your life much easier!


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Cuticle clippers & oil

Cuticle nippers help tidy the nails’ appearance before application, leading to a smoother, glossier finish. Applying cuticle oil as a final step helps promote firm, healthy nail beds and soothes the nails after application. It also adds a touch of luxury to the appointment that any client will appreciate!


Base coat & top coat

The two cornerstones of flawless nail art are a well-made basecoat and a quick-drying topcoat. A well-made basecoat provides a clean application and serves as the ideal base for nail treatments. You will also shield your client’s natural nails from harm or stains. A quick-drying topcoat provides an Instagram-worthy finish and glossy sheen. It will also make those looks linger longer!


Nail polish in a variety of colors

It’s the most essential part of your kit, allowing you to express your creative flair! Gel polishes are a good investment, as they are long-lasting and can be applied straight onto natural nails or enhancements, like acrylic tips. It’s a great idea to regularly update your color selection with seasonal shades or trending colors. Add some glitter, matte, and metallic effects to boost your creativity!


Nail tips

Nail tips are the magic touch that allows you to create the perfect shape and length for your client’s dream look. These can come ready-formed, or you can work with square tips and adjust them with a file for a bespoke, personalized finish. 


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Acrylic powder & liquid

Ever popular, acrylic nails require specialized powders and liquids in several varieties to give your clients stunning looks and versatility. The acrylic liquid is mixed with acrylic powder to create the nail, offering the strength and durability many clients love. 



It is a must to have nail brushes. They will help create exciting designs and add precision to your application. You’ll need a wide selection of high-quality, durable, and flexible brushes to allow you to work with precision and creativity. Larger, smooth acrylic brushes and finer art and decoration brushes are needed to have a well-stocked kit for any request. 


U.V. system

A U.V. lamp is the final touch to setting those gorgeous nails and leaving them glossy. If you run a mobile business, you can use a cordless option, which will be handy! These are a real investment, but having a good-quality one will make all the difference in creating those fine-looking looks. 



With the expansion in the beauty industry, the second best time to become a nail technician in the U.S. is now! Develop the necessary skills and competency and immigrate to the U.S. as a nail technician. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the pay of a nail technician?

The pay of a nail technician might vary depending on several factors, including their degree of expertise, the kind of business they work for (such as a salon, spa, or independent contractor), and the demand for their services in the area they have selected.


What are the chances for a nail technician to grow in their career and make more money?

Nail technicians have a variety of job progression options. They can become teachers and specialize in unique nail arts. They can even start their spas or nail salons. These paths may result in increased income potential and job satisfaction.



Working as a nail technician can lead to a financially lucrative and creative professional career. You will have a rewarding career if you dedicate yourself to improving your manicurist skills, getting along well with people, and ensuring your workspace is welcoming.