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If you’re looking for server job opportunities in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Client Server is a United Kingdom-based technology recruitment company with consulting services that are driven by people and technology. The company strives to create a friendly, collaborative environment where employees can grow and succeed together. The company offers both full-time and part-time positions with occasional or optional remote flexibility.

Sample job description for waitress/waiter

A job description outlines the responsibilities, duties, and expectations of a waitress/waiter. It can be customized to include additional requirements. These include physical stamina, attention to detail, and written and verbal communication skills. In addition, a waiter or waitress job description should also mention teamwork and customer service skills.


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A good waitress or waiter should be dedicated to providing excellent customer service to her or his customers. This means being able to listen carefully to customer requests and identifying any problems before they arise. She should also be able to work under pressure and meet the demands of customers while keeping her table clean. This can be a challenging, yet rewarding, job.

It’s important to format your resume to catch the attention of hiring managers. An organized, clean CV will appear more professional. A typical server CV format uses headers for skills and experience.

Self-employment and freelance contract work are possible with experience

The UK has a good job market and is one of the world’s most diverse cities. Although the cost of living is high in some areas, the UK scores well on the OECD Better Life Index. An average salary in the UK is around US$33,049, slightly above the OECD average. There is also social security for unemployed workers.

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Client Server Technology Recruitment is a UK-based recruitment company

Client Server is a leading technology recruitment agency in the UK, with offices in London and Esher, Surrey. In the recent London lockdown, staff members had to think about their roles and what they should do to prevent their safety. As one of the leading tech recruitment agencies in the UK, Client Server had a vital role to play, placing and recruiting candidates, and was committed to facilitating safe return of staff. As a result, the management of Client Server decided to provide the best protection for staff and the best possible conditions to prevent long-term exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.


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Client Server is a recruitment company that specializes in IT jobs, with client-side consulting services. With its focus on people and technology, it strives to foster a culture of teamwork and customer-first service. The company offers full-time, remote, and occasional remote roles. The team’s mission is to find exceptional candidates and place them in jobs that fit their skills and lifestyle.