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Some jobs are currently more in demand than others due to the unstable economic landscape, a constant dependence on technology, and an aging population. Knowing the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. may influence your current or future employment path. One factor you should consider when deciding on a professional role is how easy it is to get a job in that field.

Some of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. have open positions to fill and opportunities to advance your career. Therefore, you must understand some of these careers to help you develop the skills to succeed in a popular industry. This article will discuss the 15 fastest-growing careers, with salary and job responsibility for each.



1. Veterinary Technician 

Veterinary technicians are in charge of diagnosing and treating animals’ injuries and illnesses with the supervision of a veterinarian. They check on patients, provide them first aid, take X-rays, run laboratory tests when necessary, and administer medications and vaccines. Additionally, veterinary technicians may bathe, care, restrain, and prepare animals and equipment for surgery.

They also handle administrative tasks like collecting and organizing animals’ paperwork and medical histories. Working as a veterinary technician in the U.S., you can earn an average salary of $37,260 per year. They are known to work with small animals like cats and dogs or large animals like horses and livestock.


2. Home Health Aide 

Working as a home health aide, you will work under the supervision of a nurse or doctor to care for senior citizens, people with physical or mental disabilities, and long-term illnesses/injuries. They assist with daily tasks like bathing, cooking, eating, and dressing.


These professionals may also perform basic care, such as taking vital signs, administering medications, and changing bandages. They may also run errands, do house chores, and drive patients to appointments or events. On average, they can earn $46,329 annually.


3. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers are one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. They design and create visual content for a company’s advertising, website, brochures, logos, packaging, and publications. They are majorly focused on helping a company market their products or services.


Furthermore, they can create artwork by hand or with a computer program. Many of them know how to use photo editing and publishing software to get the job done successfully. With an average annual salary of $50,650, graphic designers work on feedback and make an effort until everyone is happy with the design.


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4. Massage Therapist

Massage therapists use different massage techniques to help relax their clients’ muscles and tissues. Their main focus is to relieve pain, enhance circulation and mobility, stimulate relaxation, ease stress, and heal injuries.


They assist clients in locating the areas of the body that require attention, recording and assessing their progress. Meanwhile, some massage therapists specialize in just one type of massage, such as deep tissue, Swedish, or sports massage, while others perform all types of massages according to the client’s demands. They can earn an average salary of $46,232 per year.


5. Plumber

As a plumber, you’ll install and repair the pipes that carry water, gas, or other substances in and out of homes and businesses. You may also need to create cost estimates, read blueprints, understand local building codes, inspect pipes, and solve piping problems.


In addition, you must work directly with clients to understand issues within plumbing systems and create efficient fixes. You can earn an average annual salary of $73,341.


6. Digital Marketer

Digital marketers develop and oversee companies’ online marketing strategies. Their main focus is helping to promote a business’s brand, product, or service to potential buyers and generate new sales leads.


They may also control email lists and newsletters, social media profiles, blogs, website analytics, search engine results, and advertising. Some digital marketers specialize in one area, while others focus on all these products and skills. Digital marketers may earn an average of $62,200 annually.


7. Research Analyst

A research analyst assists a company’s management in making profitable business decisions. They often collate information from computer databases, customer feedback, and sales reports.


After this, they use math, statistics, modeling, and simulations to evaluate the company’s data and solve business problems. Often, these professionals work for finance, insurance, health, manufacturing, or technology companies and may earn an average annual salary of $66,550.


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8. Family Therapist 

As a family therapist, you’ll help individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges in their lives and relationships. You may also meet with clients, listen to their concerns, and assist them in overcoming difficult situations. Family therapy is one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S., and you can earn an average salary of $68,230 annually.

In addition, you’ll support clients in making essential life decisions and dealing with stress, addiction, and substance abuse. Ensure you learn to use different behavioral therapy methods to help patients replace negative behaviors/thoughts with positive ones.


9. Occupational Therapist 

Occupational therapists tend to and care for the sick, injured, or disabled to complete daily tasks such as dressing, eating, bathing, and moving. They help manage patients’ conditions, homes, or workspaces by creating a plan to make their lives safer, active, and more independent.


Occupational therapists also provide patients with wheelchairs, leg braces, and eating aids and recommend exercises and activities to strengthen their bodies. Additionally, they can work in mental health centers, nursing/private homes, hospitals, or schools.


10. Physical Therapist 

Physical therapists assist in rehabilitating patients’ healing from injuries or illnesses. With exercises, stretches, hands-on therapy, and specialized equipment, they can help patients improve their mobility. According to a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, and concerns, physical therapists design treatment or prevention plans to help individuals attain their goals.


Furthermore, they assess patients’ progress and make changes to treatment plans if necessary. Physical therapists work closely with doctors, surgeons, and specialists and can earn an average salary of $85,870 per year.


11. Information Security Analyst 

As an Information security analyst, you will protect companies’ computer systems from cyber attacks. You will also need to monitor the company’s networks, install protection software, test system flaws, and design computer security plans.


You must keep up with current trends, information technology, and security threats. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work for banks/financial companies, health centers, government agencies, or any other business that needs to protect its data. You may earn an annual salary of $90,505 on average.


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12. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists clean patients’ teeth by removing stains, tartar, and plaque. This may be done by hand or using power or ultrasonic tools. They also carry out preventive dental health services, including applying sealants, polishes, and fluorides and X-raying teeth.


Additionally, they help document patients’ dental health and report this information and any issues to the supervising dentist. They also teach their patients to brush and floss properly and use other oral hygiene techniques. Dental hygienists can earn an average annual salary of $75,350.


13. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers use their engineering and medical knowledge to create devices, equipment, and software for the healthcare industry. They also create prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, and joint replacements.


They also create software and programs to test new drugs or medical tools. These engineers assist in installing, maintaining, and repairing biomedical equipment, teach others how to use it, and assess its safety and efficacy. They can earn an average of $87,720 per year.


14. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are trained professionals who examine patients, perform tests, run equipment, diagnose conditions, and prescribe and administer medications. They also monitor treatment responses and advise patients on preventing illness or injuries.


Nurse practitioners may perform the same roles and responsibilities as nurses while prescribing medications. They can also work closely with doctors and other healthcare employees to help manage their patients’ diagnoses and treatments. Nurse practitioners earn an annual salary of $122,600.


15. Software Developer

Software developers design computer programs and applications. Based on the client’s or user’s needs, they create pieces of a program and determine how they can work together. Developers then give their designs and instructions to programmers, who put the software into code.


Software developers also solve problems for existing applications, devise improvements, and implement updates. Some developers work primarily with computer applications, while others focus on operating systems. In addition, they can earn an average salary of $110,800 per year.



There you have it—some of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S.! These careers offer many benefits, including career advancement, high earning potential, and more.