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The average salary for a Janitor job in the UK is PS27,897 per year, or PS13 per hour. This job is a great choice for someone who is interested in helping schools maintain their facilities. A degree in the field is beneficial as it can increase your income potential and make you a qualified candidate for promotion. Additional experience such as management positions can also help you earn more.

The salary range for a Janitor job varies by location, skills, and years of experience. The UK is one of the best places to find this job because of the high demand for this position. However, if you’re looking to earn more, you may want to look for other locations.


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A janitor is a person who maintains buildings by cleaning them. This person is usually under the supervision of a janitorial manager or a cleaning services supervisor. These people are responsible for assigning work schedules and providing a point of contact for janitors. These professionals may need an alarm code or additional supplies. These individuals can create job descriptions to attract potential employees.

A janitor’s job description should include specific skills and experiences that would help them perform their job duties. They should have excellent time management skills and be physically fit. Janitors have to complete a wide range of tasks during their shifts.

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If you are considering a career in janitorial work, there are a number of different courses available that will provide you with the necessary training to enter the field. Janitors must have strong attention to detail and self-discipline. They must not leave a building until it is thoroughly cleaned and pride themselves on quality work.

Janitors are responsible for keeping a building spotless and sanitary. They may also be a manager and supervise a team of cleaners. This means that they need excellent time-management skills and the ability to delegate tasks. Additionally, they must be adept at organizing their workspace and equipment.

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Experience level

Job openings for janitors vary depending on experience level. A recent survey of employers in the United Kingdom showed that a senior janitor with more than 8 years of experience earns the highest salary. Experienced janitors earn around PS32,895. However, the average salary for a junior janitor is only PS19. The average bonus is PS317.


A janitor’s job requires attention to detail and self-discipline. A janitor must never leave a job until it is spotless. Moreover, he or she must take pride in the quality of his or her work.