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Janitor Job Openings in Canada


If you are interested in pursuing a career as a janitor, there are several different types of jobs available in Canada. These jobs involve performing a variety of different duties. These professionals work in commercial and residential buildings to keep them clean. Some janitors focus on the interiors of buildings, while others are more involved with the exteriors. These professionals are usually employed by a building management companies, condominium corporations, educational institutions, shopping malls, and recreational facilities.

Job Description for Janitor

A job as a janitor requires you to be able to clean a variety of spaces in a commercial setting. Often, this requires that you have two or more years of experience in janitorial work. It is also necessary that you have a thorough understanding of various cleaning processes and the chemicals that are used. Moreover, you must also have the ability to drive a company’s vehicle.

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A janitor’s job description should include all the tasks that he or she will be responsible for. These tasks may include emptying the trash, cleaning restrooms, and sanitizing public spaces. They may also be responsible for minor repairs and maintenance of equipment and buildings.

A janitor must be detail-oriented and have a strong work ethic. They must be able to clean dozens of rooms in one shift.

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How to apply for a Janitor job in Canada

Applying for a job as a Janitor in Canada can be done in one of three ways. The first way is through the NOC list, where every occupation has a numerical code. The Janitor caretaker occupation, for example, has a code of 6733. The code also includes building superintendents and those who manufacture electrical appliances.

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Another way to apply for a janitor job in Canada is to register through Express Entry. This will enable you to apply for the position of building superintendent or janitor. Once you have registered, you must wait for an Invitation-to-Apply (ITA) from Immigration and Citizenship Canada. This ITA will determine your eligibility for permanent residence in Canada.

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