Benefits of Canadian Open Work Permit for Your Spouse

Benefits of Canadian Open Work Permit for Your Spouse

If your spouse is an international student in Canada, you may want to consider applying for a dependent partner open work permit. This work permit is a great way for your spouse to work off-campus full time, earning a living and supporting you financially while you study. It is also an effective way to extend your spouse’s student visa. This is especially helpful for international students in Canada who want to have their spouses work independently.

Common-law partner

A common-law partner can also benefit from the open work permit if they are a temporary resident. Once approved, the open work permit allows the common-law partner to work in any job in Canada. The partner must have been cohabitating for at least one year. If not, immigration Canada may require extensive evidence of the common-law relationship before granting the open work permit. However, if the spouse meets the requirements, he or she may be able to apply.

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A spouse or common-law partner is eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit Canada for his/her occupation. To apply, the spouse must have a study permit in Canada. Applicants should check if the person they are accompanying meets the requirements. If not, they must submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment or a job offer before their application can be accepted. For US citizens, open work permits for your spouse can be obtained at the Canadian Consulate.

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Processing time

Once you’ve been approved for a Canadian open work permit for your spouse, you’ll need to wait for the documents to be processed. You can expect to wait four to five months to receive your spouse’s open work permit document. However, the wait time will be minimal if your spouse maintains legal status in Canada while they’re in the process of applying for a Canadian open work permit.


The requirements for a Canadian open work permit for your spouse or common-law partner vary depending on the type of relationship you have with your spouse. The most important thing is to provide a legitimate reason for the relationship. Even if you’re in a relationship with your spouse, it’s possible that your visa officer will have a hard time believing it. For this reason, you should be prepared to provide documents proving your relationship with your spouse.

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You should consider applying for an expedited Canadian Open Work Permit for your spouse if you’re preparing to immigrate to Canada. This type of work permit allows you to work anywhere in Canada while your spouse’s application is in process. This type of work permit allows you to remain in Canada while your spouse’s application is being processed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

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