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This article explores the Pathways to Entry into Australia for those who are seeking to live in Australia. This includes information about Dual citizenship, Temporary visas, and Education. There are also many resources for other issues that may concern newcomers. Read on to learn more. You will also find information on work and dual citizenship. Here are some of the most common questions about these topics.


One of the best ways to enter Australia is to get a higher education. The country has a vast VET sector that offers a variety of courses, many of which are employment-oriented. The majority of these courses are provided by Registered Training Organisations. In 2016, the number of foreign students in Australia’s VET system grew by 3.8 percent compared to the previous year. In 2017, 26 percent of the international student population studied VET in Australia.


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There are a range of work and immigration visas available to suit the needs of the different types of applicants. Many of these visas can be obtained on a Points-tested basis for skilled professionals. The benefits of this visa include flexibility and the possibility of permanent residency. The Australian government publishes a list of occupations that are in demand in the country. Additional lists are published by the state and territory governments and are updated regularly.

Dual citizenship

If you are an Australian citizen, you may be able to apply for a Resident Return Visa after you have given up your nationality in a country outside Australia. If you have an overseas passport, however, you may need to apply for an outwards exemption before you enter Australia. If you have a dual passport, you should travel on it when you enter Australia, but it is important to use it when you leave.

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Temporary visas

Temporary visas are used to enter Australia temporarily for a period of time. Most temporary visas require a sponsor or letter of invitation from a foreign institution. They are required for positions such as academics, teaching staff or research. You must also have prior permission from your employer to change employers. This article will explain the different types of temporary visas and the requirements for each one.

Permanent residency

As an immigrant, you can apply for a visa to live and work in Australia. There are many types of visas for non-residents, including business, student, and skilled visas. Those applying for a business or skilled visa can use the Department of Home Affairs’ Visa Finder to determine which type of visa is right for them. If you want to find out more about the different types of visas available in Australia, you can also visit the Department of Home Affairs website.


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Refugee resettlement

The decline of refugee resettlement globally has been linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The drop in Australia’s resettlement place has been attributed to multiple local factors, and is important in light of broader questions about local humanitarian protection. Adele Garnier, an assistant professor at the University of Laval, Canada, and honorary senior lecturer at Macquarie University’s School of Social Sciences, examines the decline in resettlement in Australia and its impact on the local humanitarian protection system.