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If you are in Nigeria, you may be eligible for a federal economic program. This program was developed to fill demographic and labor shortages in certain sectors and regions of the country. To learn more, contact an immigration attorney. The cost of migration to Canada from Nigeria is around $2,300 CAD for a single applicant or $4,500 CAD for a couple. The exact amount depends on the type of immigration program you choose and the number of people applying.

Sponsorship visa requirements in Canada

There are several requirements related to sponsoring someone to come to Canada. These include a valid passport and other travel documents for the person being sponsored. If any of these are expired, you may need to renew them in order to be eligible to sponsor another person. Check your country’s requirements to make sure your documents are valid. You can get additional information about sponsoring in Canada by visiting the Canadian government website. Once you have completed the required forms, submit them to the Canadian consulate in your country of residence.


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As a sponsor, you have certain responsibilities to your sponsored spouse. First, you must be willing to provide for the spouse’s basic needs for three years. For example, you will need to provide your wife with food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. In addition, you must meet any other requirements for a sponsored spouse. Sponsorship visa requirements in Canada vary depending on the province that you wish to live in. You may not be able to sponsor your spouse if you are not willing to provide the required financial support.

Express Entry system

If you want to move to Canada as a sponsored immigrant, the Express Entry system is a good choice for you. It allows provinces and individual immigration offices to recruit suitable candidates. There are various benefits of the system. Not only can you apply for permanent residence in Canada in as little as six months, but it is also faster than other options. Listed below are some of the advantages of Express Entry.

A Nigerian can migrate to Canada with a sponsorship visa if they are employed by a Canadian company. This immigration program is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), a study conducted by the Canadian government to determine characteristics of successful immigrants. Applicants with high educational achievements, professional work experience, or English and French skills are more likely to be hired. Because of this, immigrants who are sponsored by a Canadian employer perform better in the labour market than those without any experience in Canada.

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Co-op program

If you are a Nigerian looking for a permanent residency in Canada, you have many choices. Nigerian immigration to Canada is becoming increasingly important as the country recovers from the recent coronavirus pandemic. Whether you want to work as a construction worker or pursue a graduate program, there are many paths to permanent residence in Canada. The following are a few popular migration options for Nigerians.

The skilled worker immigration program is aimed at people with specific skills. To qualify for this program, you must have worked for at least one year in a paid job in your home country. In order to qualify, you must have accumulated 1560 hours of paid work experience within the last three years. This timeframe excludes self-employment and work experience you acquired while studying full-time.

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Family Class Sponsorship

The Canadian government requires a sponsor for a Family Class Sponsorship Visa for migration to Canada. This sponsorship requires the sponsor to meet certain criteria. First of all, he or she must be a Canadian Permanent Resident over the age of 18. This person must also be unmarried and under the age of 22. His or her dependents must also meet the financial requirements for sponsorship. Second, the sponsor must not be separated from his or her spouse or have children.


The government website offers detailed information on spousal sponsorship. Quebec permanent residents must apply to the MIFI for sponsorship undertakings. The sponsoring individual must also provide a Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Examination results. A Police Clearance Certificate is also required for all those over the age of 18.