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The popularity of sponsor-based immigrant visas in Canada has increased significantly in recent years. This has created a large pool of qualified applicants who are often eager to come to Canada and establish a new life. Although these immigrants are not all necessarily looking for permanent residency, they are usually able to get a job in Canada quickly. In addition, a sponsor-based visa is much easier to obtain than a standard one, and it is also preferable to rent/buy in Canada rather than buy.

Immigration levels peaked in 1993

In recent years, the number of immigrants coming to the United States through employment-related visas has increased, more than doubling from its 1990 peak of 58 thousand. The 1990 Immigration Act has been credited with the rise in this category, although the actual number of people coming to the country on work-related visas is still quite low. The number of new immigrants that came to the country on an employment-related visa rose from 2.3 percent to 4.4 percent in the past year.


Undocumented in-migration from Mexico increased rapidly in the early 1990s, with the number of deportations increasing by more than two-thirds after that year. The country saw a sharp decline in return migration, as the inflow from Mexico peaked in 1993. Despite bipartisan support for deportations, numbers of undocumented immigrants in the interior increased rapidly from 1993 to 1999. The numbers were particularly high among Mexicans, who constituted nearly two-thirds of the total undocumented population.

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Employment-based immigrant visas are easier to obtain

There are several advantages to applying for an employment-based immigrant visa in Canada with a sponsor visa from Africa. In some cases, it is easier to qualify for a visa if you have advanced education. In some cases, you can apply for a sponsorship visa without labor certification. You must also be willing to spend a significant amount of money. In general, it is better to work in your field of choice.

The wait time for employment-based immigrant visas is relatively short. However, applicants need to be aware that it requires a significant amount of work and documentation from both employers and employees. While some categories are easier to apply for, others require extensive documentation. Some people, for example, have to be outstanding in their field in order to qualify. Priority workers include executives of multinational companies and people with advanced degrees. Other people are given second preference.

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Express Entry accepts skilled workers

Getting a sponsorship visa for immigration to Canada is now easier than ever. Express Entry is a point-based system, meaning that the best immigrants will be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Candidates in the Express Entry pool are considered to be highly qualified and have a high probability of obtaining good jobs after coming to Canada. To qualify for an invitation to apply, you must first complete your Express Entry profile.

Immigration to Canada with a sponsorship visa from Africa is now made easier than ever before, thanks to the Express Entry system. It allows candidates to submit their applications online, and the government will evaluate their profiles to determine whether they qualify. After receiving their invitations, the candidates will have 90 days to submit their full applications for permanent residence in Canada. Once the government approves your application, you must undergo a security background check and medical examination to ensure that you are eligible for permanent residence.

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Renting/Buying in Canada is preferred over buying

A common debate on renting versus buying in Canada centers around financial stability. While neither option is guaranteed to bring financial stability, budgeting provides the best chance for prosperity. By making a budget, you can match your actions to your priorities and determine the appropriate housing option. You can also use S.M.A.R.T goals to determine how much you can spend on housing, whether it is a mortgage or rent.


A study from the National Bank of Canada recently suggested that renting in some expensive real estate markets is cheaper than buying. With that conclusion, many people are wondering whether they should rent a home when monthly rental payments are cheaper than their mortgage payments. The answer to this question depends on the individual’s financial situation, taste preferences, and housing market conditions. Generally, though, homeowners fare financially better than renters, especially if they have a good savings plan. A home purchase forces you to set aside a substantial nest egg for retirement.