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If you are looking to hire foreign TFWs for a temporary position, the list of highly skilled positions has just been updated. The process to hire foreign TFWs has been simplified. This simplified process requires only a transition plan and approval from federal and provincial authorities. Currently, only certain types of occupations are included on the list. However, the list is set to expand to include even more positions in the future.

Entry-level jobs are included in Quebec’s facilitated LMIA

The province of Quebec has added another sixty occupations to its list of eligible positions for facilitated LMIA. These jobs are all classified as entry-level, meaning that you need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training to be eligible to work in the province. The new list includes jobs in various sectors, including the restaurant and tourism industries.


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These new positions require basic math and computer skills, a CI mindset, and experience in commercial upkeep. Qualified applicants must have at least two years of experience in these fields, as well as expertise in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and programming. They must also have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. This list is not exhaustive. Listed below are some of the specific job descriptions for these positions.

This simplified process makes it easier for employers to hire foreign TFWs

Using the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program requires a significant amount of time and effort. Unfortunately, news media are prone to slamming companies that hire TFWs. One recent class action lawsuit brought by a group of fifty TFWs cited a number of reasons why TFWs have been treated poorly by their employers. Here are five tips for managing a TFW team to ensure your success.

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Streamlining the LMIA process will benefit employers who have already brought in TFWs. Many of them have had difficulty starting their jobs in Canada due to failed work permit applications. The reasons could vary, but the applicant may lack the necessary documentation or a basic understanding of eligibility requirements. Employers can now pursue alternative hiring plans for these foreign workers, allowing them to make a subsequent work permit application without the hassle.

It requires a transition plan

To be eligible for a facilitated LMIA, employers must submit a transition plan to demonstrate that they will be able to fill the position. There are some exceptions to this requirement. Employers can be exempt from this requirement if they have only one request, a first one under the Facilitated Process. However, if an employer makes two applications for the same job in Quebec, a transition plan is required.


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The facilitated LMIA list includes a list of 222 occupations until 2022 and 287 occupations that are targeted for expansion. Among the newly added occupations are HR managers, architects, bakers, and dentists. The facilitated LMIA evaluation procedure also includes jobs that are in high demand. For the most recent list of high-demand jobs, visit the official website of the Quebec government. Employers using the simplified LMIA method are not required to provide proof of recruitment efforts, although they must try to do so.