Theophilus Sunday Biography, Age, Songs, and YouTube

Theophilus Sunday Biography, Age, Songs, and YouTube

Theophilus Sunday Biography

Theophilus Sunday (born May  9, 1987) is a Nigerian Gospel  Worship Singer and a  Writer. The gospel singer has gained so much popularity in Nigeria and Other parts of the World. His songs are mind-blowing, filled with the Holy Ghost,  powerful, and soul transforming.  The gospel singer is not a Pastor but he spreads the gospel with his songs. Presently In Nigeria, many young ministers of God who are Into Ministry also listen to his songs, this is because he prays while singing so, that could serve as a spiritual boost to that individual.

Theophilus Sunday Profile Summary

Full Name: Theophilus Sunday

Date of Birth: 9thh of May 1987

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Gospel Musician, Worshipper

Genre of Songs: Worship, Chants

Staes of Origin: Kogi State

Nationality: Nigerian

Min Theophilus, on the other hand, is well-known for his gospel chant songs, which are similar to those of Lawrence Oyor.

He has been invited to so many places around the country to Minister such as churches, crusades, schools, and other Christian gatherings to Minister Live to Souls Thirstily for God.

Theophilus Educational Background

theophilus sunday

Theophilus Sunday is a well-learned man.  He completed his high school at Ochaja Boys Secondary School in Ochaja, Kogi State, Nigeria where he gained his O’ Level certificate.

On November 5, 2012, The Gospel star graduated from the Kogi State University (KSU) in Anyigba where His BA in Theatre Arts.

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Theophilus Net Worth

Theophilus net worth has not been officially announced yet but his net worth is assumed to be $70, 000.

Min Theophilus Sunday Quotes

  • Heaven can use anything but Heaven cannot keep everything”
  • If the same Spirit does not give you utterance, can you be quiet even on Stage’
  • If the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives Inside of Us then why do we tell lies and fornicate?”

Theophilus Social Media Handle

A lot of People would Probably be asking questions like what’s Theophilus Instagram Handle?. the answer is that he is not actually active on social media, but there are many groups on Facebook and some channels of youtube having his content. You can also pick one of them so you can stay connected to Him. When we finally get the real social media handles, we’ll update the content ASAP.

Theophilus Sunday Songs

theophilus sunday
theophilus sunday songs

Theophilus Sunday sang lots of songs since he started his music career. His way of worship makes him stand out among other worship singers. Below is the list of some of his songs.

  • Take over
  • Who is like you Lord
  • Set us on fire
  • My life is Yours’
  • There is a place
  • Take it away
  • Spirit keep me hungry
  • Worship tradition
  • Spirit fire me up
  • Yahweh
  • My superman
  • Belong to you
  • Olishoke
  • My desire
  • Belong to you
  • Face to face
  • Until you form
  • One sound
  • Realms of worship

if you need any, You can Search them on google to download them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theophilus Sunday

1.Who is Theophilus Sunday’s Wife?

Theophilus  Sunday is not Yet married and there is no record of him being in a relationship.

2.Who is Theophilus Sunday’s spiritual father?

The gospel singer has two spiritual fathers namely, Osayi Arome and Apostle Joshua Selman.

3.Where is Theophilus Sunday from?

Theophilus Sunday is from Northcentral Nigeria in Dekina, Kogi State

4.Is Theophilus Sunday a pastor?

No, He’s a worship singer.

5.How old is Min Theophilus Sunday?

Theophilus Sunday is 34years Old as of 2021.

6. What is Theophilus Sunday’s Church?

His place of Sunday worship has not yet been revealed.

7. Theophilus Sunday Phone Number 

Not Available At the moment.

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