Leonardo da Vinci Biography, Paintings, Family, Early Life

Leonardo da Vinci Biography, Paintings, Family, Early Life

Leonardo da Vinci Biography

Leonardo da Vinci was born on the 15th of April 1452 in a farmhouse in some village in Italy.

Leonardo was born into a very respectful home by Florentine notary Ser Piero and his mother named Caterina, da Vinci was raised by his father and his stepmother.

At the age of five, he moved to his father’s estate somewhere in Vinci, and Vinci is the town where he was born and brought up and this is also where his surname was carved out from.

Leonardo da Vinci Education

At the time Leonardo Vinci was much younger he received little formal education beyond basic reading, writing, and mathematics instruction, but he had a very unique artistic talent that was 100% unique and would be recognized to many age after this one.

Around the age of 14, da Vinci started A very long training as an apprentice with an artist named Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. He was training broadly on artworks and he to can produce wonder art painting like his master Andrea.

Of course, he did produce some fantastic artwork at the end his first artwork was made in the year 1943.

Leonardo da Vinci Career

At the age of 20, da Vinci became a master artist in Florence’s Guild of Saint Luke and then he was able to establish his own workshop. Although, he proceeded to collaborate with del Verrocchio for an extra year which summed up to be a total of 5years.

We were told that del Verrocchio completed his “Baptism of Christ” around 1475 with the help of his student, who painted part of the background and the young angel holding the robe of Jesus.

According to Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects, written around 1550 by artist Giorgio Vasari, del Verrocchio was so humbled by the superior talent of his pupil that he never picked up a paintbrush again. (Most scholars, however, dismiss Vasari’s account as apocryphal.)

In 1478, after leaving del Verrocchio’s studio, da Vinci received his first independent commission where he was to stay in a chapel inside Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.

Leonardo da Vinci Age

Leonardo da Vinci is dead but if this old art legend was still alive his age would be above 200 as he was not born on the same century as us all he was born on different century entirely.

Leonardo da Vinci Height

This Italian historian exact heigh and weight is not found on the internet so this means this information is invalid

Leonardo da Vinci Net Worth

Leonardo is way gone although his artworks still exist. His worth is not currently but his artworks still have a lot of worth in the market.

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