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As the world’s job market has struggled with the recent downturn, Canada is not immune. Unemployment rates dropped to 7.5%, which is the lowest since February 2020. But, do you really need a certificate to get a good-paying job? If you’re unsure what to do, here are six jobs in Canada you can do without a certificate. Read on to discover how to get started.

Welder’s salary is between $38,388 – $100,688 a year

There are many reasons to become a welder. Whether you have a background in business or not, the industry offers an excellent career path to those who are young and ambitious. Many of these jobs require certifications and a college degree. The average age of a student is 19, so you can start a career in welding at a young age. One of the most important factors in choosing a career in welding is the benefits you will receive from your employer. An average healthcare plan will cost you over $10,000 a year, so be prepared to invest in yourself.


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An administrative assistant’s salary is between $38,388 – $100,688 a year

According to ZipRecruiter, an Administrative Assistant can earn anywhere from $38,388 to $102,688 per annum. This amount is based on an analysis of millions of active jobs and the salary data of employers. It is important to note that while an Administrative Assistant’s salary can range from $38,388 to $100,688, it is significantly less than the national average.

A financial advisor’s salary is between $38,388 – $100,688 a year

A salary as a financial adviser ranges between $38,388 and $100,688 a year. A typical financial advisor will have a variety of responsibilities and be required to consult with clients and develop portfolios for them. The career requires interaction with clients and can be rewarding for those with a background in psychology or sales. To get started in the field, one must obtain certifications or licenses. Some certification programs require specific education and coursework, while others simply require a certain amount of experience. Once an individual has acquired the proper license or certification, they can begin the process of pursuing a career in financial planning and investing.

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A sales associate’s salary is between $38,388 – $48,388 a year

The average Sales Associate earns between $38,388 and $48,388 a year. The top ten percent of Sales Associates earn over $43,000 a year. Salary levels vary by location, but generally, the highest-paying states are New York, Rhode Island, Nebraska, and California. Sales Associate salaries may also vary by ethnicity. While White Sales Associates tend to earn the highest salaries, Black or African American Sales Associates earn the lowest.

IT support desk specialist’s salary is $81,750 a year

An IT support desk specialist’s salary is among the highest in the nation. This position pays between $71,000 and $81,750 per year. The salary range is slightly more for those in the tech industry with a Master’s degree than those without. The average salary for a Help Desk Specialist is $51,785 per year, compared with $46,072 in California. However, the average salary for this position may be different from state to state, depending on location.


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A tax preparer’s salary is provincially regulated

There are a number of factors that influence the salary of a tax preparer. Salary varies according to the type of practice, location, and a number of clients. Some tax preparers claim to earn $50,000 or more in their first year in the field. At other firms, year one staff can earn between $30,000 and $40,000. In some cases, interns don’t make anything at all. To determine how much a tax preparer should charge, check the Provincial Revenue Agency’s website.